Sunday, March 2, 2008

Forged Promissory Note?

Has anyone reading this ever had a problem with a loan company such as ACS, CFS Suntech/CHASE, Sallie Mae etc. actually forging a promissory note for a loan/consolidaton? If someone working for a loan company has forged your name on a promissory note (either hardcopy or online "e-signature"), or if you have any information on such forgery practices, please email me @


Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,
I know how frustrated you all are. I been making payments to Sallie-mae on time faithfully since I graduated. The incompitance with this company is unbelievable. I have notified the Attorny General and he looked into it. It seemed to help for about 3 months, now I am right back to the non-payment problem. All 3 loans are consolidated and each month I send them an electronic payment. Today I received a late and non-payment of just one of my loans. How is this possible if my other two loans are up to date?. I am ready to default on these loans and let them send it to collections, at least then I maybe able to find someone whose knows how to divide 88.00 by 3. Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with a forged promissory note. I was in the process of making payments on my student loans and noticed a major difference in what they said I owed and what I actually took out in loans. This was immediately after I graduated. I asked my lender Great Lakes to sent the promissory notes for the loans. They would send disbersment statements but never a promissory note(s). Over a year later they said they would mail out a master promissory note, I never signed a master promissory note. When I seen the note, it was obvious it was forged. The totals of what I owed were no were to be found. It actually looked like they had pasted my personal information to the note.

robert said...

I am so frustrated there has to be away to fight back .I feel they are scamming us and since they are the government they can do as they please.I am being wage garnished for an forge promissory note .I did not attend the two schools they said I did. The signatures they have on file doesn't match my signatures ,there is no attendants for me ,no grades ,the schools has closed .I feel I'm fighting a dead man.Every time I send in supporting documents its never enough.I sent in drivers license for proof of my signatures,ins papers,cancel checks,now they say send in signatures back from always something .I sent in hardship papers alone with the documents so they can review my hardship request so they may lower my garnishment rate no they told me 60 more days .The principal loan is 800 for one loan and 337 on another they have collected 1900 from my garnishment they say with the interest I owe another 1400 by the time I keep sending in the documents and waiting 90 days for and answer I will be finish paying my loan. I just think its a scam.Then they tells me there is no collection fees when NCO had my file and clearly charge me fees now they say there is no fees just their interest only.Now NCO doesn"t have my file no longer. NCO is order not to collect no longer. Its so strange that NCO had the same amount that DOE said I owed .So I ask for a settlement they said that they can settle for 140less from the 1400 balance I told them they already have made 900 dollars over and beyond what I owe. DOE states they will mail out a settlement package so I can I can request a lower settlement amount. Again their famous words 10-14 days and then another 90 days for a decision .When its said and done I have calculated that the balance would be at that time 400 left on the loan .Just a scam they don't care if this loan is yours or some one else.its the government they can do as they please they garnish my wages without notifying me. My job just started garnishing my wages one day without notifying me .80-100 dollars per week .There has to be away to fight back pleases email me at we need to talk with our senators or congressman there is a serious problem here please notify me I am willing to file a class action lawsuit .Robert Jennings

Anonymous said...

I am fighting back. They have lost my promisory notes and placed me in default. A long story...
Anyway the main and most important thing to remember the buden of proof falls in the hands of the lender/owner/holder of the original promissory note. It is not up to the student(borrower) to be furnishing them with driver licenses, promisory notes, amount owed. It is up to them to "validate the debt" look it up!

By validating the debt they have to prove you have a debt with a copy of the original promissory note not a printout, or electronic copy. It must be an ORIGINAL COPY OF THE PROMISSORY NOTE. If they claim it was lost, destroyed or misplaced look up Section 3-309 of the Uniform Act and see what happens when someone wants to collect money and don't have the original copy of the promissory note. Also look up the section about proving the signature is yours if all there is a an electronic copy or a computer copy that anyone could have very easily altered.
The amount of the debt have to be proven with original copies of every entry that was ever made on that loan (ie late fees, refunds, payments etc.) these have to be in a company ledger of your account.

Anonymous said...

I also want to give you all this address:

this site explains how to demand that the lender/holder/owner of the loan produces the original copy of the promissory note.

these banks have destroyed our economy and have damaged many people with their scams and fraudulent activities. they have done it with mortgages, student loans you name it. Remember anyone could have gotten the original promissory note and come after you have paid the crooks (lender, guarantor agencies, collection agencies and/or the department of education). Be careful with paying without that original promissory note. Hope this will help everyone in need and may the fight begin!!! DON"T GIVE THEM ANYTHING! HAVE THEM PROVIDE YOU WITH ALL THE PROOF AND SCRUTIZE EVERY DETAIL YOU'LL BE SURPRISE WHAT THE CROOKS HAVE DONE.AND IT IS A WIDESPREAD WEB OF CORRUPTION. LET'S TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK FROM THOSE THUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

I find out early this year that my sister forged my signature on two promissiory notes for her son. she pass away and know he is not paying on the loans i find out about this when i started to received phone calls from sallie mae staying i needed to start making payments. after three months of trying to get a copy of the papers i finally did and sure enough the signature are not my but sallie mae doesn't want to hear about this. i hired a lawyer and this man has sent letter after letter stating i didn't sign those papers he even told them that i would sign a affidavit for them and still they haven't done nothing fax is after that letter was send a month later i get a letter and phone call from a collection agency. i even send them a copy of my driver lis. nothing

Randy said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymouse is correct...they will try anything to drain you of every drop of blood they can. These Loan? providers would run over you with a 10 ton truck...and never say a prayer for their actions. Believe me I have gone through hell with them over the past 15 years...and they have yet to prove a thing. If I owe money send me the original copies and I will make payments on the amount I loans went from a little over 16 grand to 87,500 dollars. Who knew? People out there forget getting a higher education...if you have to use for minimun wage...because after it is all said, and done, that is what you'll have left. YES LETS USE THE EDUCATION WE HAVE AND FIGHT THE BASTARDS, LETS TAKE AMERICA BACK, FROM THESE THUGS!!!

Babson Financial Aid said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Sallie mae is a scammer! I graduated from beauty school last june and started making my loan payments to Great Lakes; so, about late April or early May, I received phone calls from Sallie Mae claiming I was 30 days late on a payment; mind you, i've never received a statement or ANYTHING from them. So, I called the financial aid advisor at the school, she looked up my info and said, I dont have a loan with Sallie Mae Crooks, but with Great Lakes; she told me to ask SM to send a Master Promissory Note to my house. Smh. So, I called Sallie Mae back and told them I wasnt going to pay a penny until I get the Master Promissory Note and make sure, everything is correct. Somebody is going to court, soon and it isnt going to be nice.

Cindy Brewer said...

I have a forged promissory note with an e-signature, which isn't even my legal signature. I've been fighting this since 2006 and have tried every avenue to fight it. I'm told by just about everyone to suck it up and pay. Somehow that goes against my principles. If I forged someones signature, I'd be in jail. I'm going to try one more thing - filing a report of identify theft with the police and going from there.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Robert. I done the same thing and Sallie Mae does not want to hear it they do not care where they get there money from even a forge signature. as long as some one is paying on the loans and what really piss me off are they even trying to get a hold of the person who took the money. I live in Ohio he lives in Indiana I was in my forties when these loan were taking out and now I'm in my fifties. This company just sucks big time and I'm tired of not letting this kid who forge my name along with his mother to face up to what they did. to bad she pass away in 2008 and that is how I find out about it. so what are they doing to the people who did this to as are they even trying to collect on the person who put as down as co-signer or are they just contracting as because we are the only ones that are answering back. well sallie mae I'm telling you right now I'm not talking to you anymore everything you do is going to be mail out and only then will my lawyer talk to you. go after the sob that did this to me. I post this here because I don't want the person who did this to know that I'm fighting them all the way to the biggest court that will here my crys for help.

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