Thursday, April 2, 2009

Your Emails: American Education Services (AES) Complaint

Hi There,

I am so happy to see your site up.

I have contacted the BBB and Attorney General in regards to AES of Pennsylvania.

My private loans were sold to this company who, so far, have been incompetent, rude, and generally disassociated with anything or anyone. In April, the last month of a foreberance I took after college because, as we all know, the economy is not great for "straight out of college careers", I was informed by a representative that my foreberance time was up, and I only qualified for a graduated repayment plan which would cut my bills in half, starting in May. I thought, "Heck, I can deal with $179.64 a month.". That is not what happened. It was determined that I actually had more foreberance time left AND that the rep used it while I was sending in the paperwork to get the graduated status(which took THEM two weeks to approve after I FAXED over the documents). They claim that the fax has many users and that the number provided is the main fax, so my documents could have been lost.

Next, my co-signer, my 67 year old handicapped grandmother, has been receiving calls over me, the actual documented loan holder, scaring her and saying that she has to pay my overdue balance of $500 or her credit will be ruined too! She is now upset along with my family who think I am just ignoring the situation!

When I called AES, I assured them that I was one of those people who try to get over on things. I WANT to pay for my college education! I have tried to make arrangements to get things cleared up, and the only response I get is that a collection agency will be contacting and suing my grandmother and I if I don't get these payments in full over to them even though I haven't received a raise or anything that would help with that. One rep asked me to ask my employer for a loan! It's absurd!

When I told a rep that I was filing a complaint with BBB and the attorney general and that I would like to have our recorded conversation, he said I would never get that information. I thought they used those for "quality assurance purposes".

My account is now delinquent and continually garnering late fees, interest fees, and collection fees. I have sent payments periodically, but until the full balance is due, my grandmother and I will continue to ignore our phones for now because according to one rep, Josh x7447, there is no more to say. You pay: period.

Thanks so much for having a place to vent. I hope my story will help someone down the road.




Anonymous said...

Question regarding AES: Are they a government agency? In that, once AES takes over the loans (my subsidized and unsubsidized loans which were consolidated with AES)are these loans still government loans or have they been purchased by an independent company named AES?

I need to know if they are private but act as though they are government.
thank you-

Christian Young said...

I am an attorney in Connecticut with loans outstanding that were bought by AES. Prior to AES, I never had a problem. I have faithfully paid every bill (2 per month ... one fed & one private) and they just as faithfully have misplaced or misapplied my payments. Over dozens of phone calls and letters, they have acknowledged their mistake, affirmed my good standing, and yet still subject me to daily dunning calls, weekly dunning letters, and have now reported me to the credit bureaus as delinquent. My bank bill-pay records irrefutably prove that I am not delinquent and what is worse, AES has repeatedly acknowledged it. I am in the process of filing suit and was confronted with the same issue - public or private? It appears they are private but operate as a quasi-governmental agency which may afford them some immunity such as from punitive damages. Maybe. Their conduct is so outrageous that there may be a way around it. Also, they simply operate as a servicer for private banks. I am looking in to suing those banks because they are directly responsible. Do NOT let them get away with this. They are ABUSIVE, DISHONEST, and HARMFUL!

Christian Young
Gulash & Riccio
Bridgeport, CT

Graeme Norgate said...

Dear Christian,

My girlfriend is having a similar problem between Sallie Mae and AES. Every month they take the money from her bank account, and every month they send her a letter saying she isn't paying and is defaulting on her loan.

After every phonecall they claim the problem will be fixed, until that is, the next month, when the whole cycle happens again.

We're stuck now where to go next, nobody at their call centres seem to have the intelligence to deal with this simple problem.


Anonymous said...

I am in the same hole. I obtained my loan from Campus Door, not knowing they had closed and my loan was then sent to AES. They now claim my student loan of $5,000 is now up to $16,000 that I owe. If I could not afford a $5,000 loan, how can I pay off $16,000? I am so stressed out about this. I call the company, they were rude and would not help. They refused to give me my information that stated I could pay the loan off in 5 years at $55.00 a month. Now they want me to pay off the loan in 25 years. HELP!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to learn that I am not alone. My son-in-law lives in Brasil and makes payments in an amount that is more than the amount due. I co-signed the loan and continue to get notices claiming that the loan payments are late. My son-in-law has proof that he has been sending in more than the amount due since the inception of this loan. He now has a high paying job, but they are going after me as his co-signer. They have never sent him one notice. I will be sending a complaint to the Department of the Attorney General's office tomorrow.

Sue Rudolph

HLambert said...

Well, I attended college in 2003 (I was only 18yrs old at the time); finshed with my assoc degree in only a year! YAY ME! I had to take out 3 differ loans. 2 in my name and one in my father's name from AES. In april of 2007 i made a payment of $100 of my $50 due bill. Thereafter, I received a bill stating the last payment of $100, the principal amt of last payment $89, interest of last payment $11. amount past due, $0, current due $0, total principal and interest due, $0 and the customer statement at the bottom of the bill stated $0. I have received these bills periodically and NEVER on a monthly basis since May 2007.
Initially i disregarded the statements assuming that the account was satisfied. After a while, I finally contacted AES to inquire about these $0 due and got no where! After that, I didn't receive any statements for several months then they started again in 2008 then stopped again. All the while, I was still receiving a bill EACH month with a balance due on the loan with my dads name. which I paid more than due of $100 each month. This year, in April 0f 2009 I received the usual bill (in my dads name), I paid my usual $100 and a few days later received a refund ck in the amount of $7 stating that I had overpaid and account satisfied. The April 2009 bill never stated that it would be my last payment or the current balance owed.
Suddenly, I start receiving these mysterious $0 due bills (in my name) again! I received the last $0 bill in October 09. Now, December 09 I receive two seperate bills for the same account (which covers both loans in my name), one for $74.95 and one for $24.95 for total past due for all loans including late fees and stating that I am 13 days delinquent on my account (how in the world can I only be 13 days delinquent if I haven't made a payment since April of 2007! LOL) and that they may report this delinquency to my credit report and giving me the options to bring my account current by making payment online, phone, or by mail to AES. OR if I am experencing difficulty in making the "scheduled" payments I have "other options" such as deferment, forbearance, alternate repayment schedule, or loan consolidation.
THIS MUST BE SOME KIND OF JOKE, RIGHT? Most likely, its NOT or some type of scam! Therefore, being the quick-witted Paralegal as I am... I just typed a two page dispute letter to AES requesting a copy of the original loan application(s), the original balance of said loan(s), an itemized statement demonstrating the amount of funds distributed from said loan and where such funds were distributed to, an itemized statement of each and every payment received by me from date of origin to present and the current outstanding balance on the account. Along with advising AES that I am aware of my rights under the FDCPA and FCRA and what they should or shouldn't do in response to my dispute letter. IF ANYONE IS IN THE SAME BOAT AS I AM AND WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE A COPY OF THIS LETTER I WROTE TO SEND ON BEHALF OF YOURSELF, I WILL BE MORE THAN WILLING TO FORWARD IT TO YOU! please e-mail me at:

Also, please contact me or respond to my post if you are having similar issues with AES. Similiar issues may help with my dispute as well as others. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

I too am so happy that this site is here. I'm about ready to go postal on AES. They have done nothing but give me misinformation and CAPITALIZED on my loans with each delay. I am so fed up and someone needs to blow the lid off of these loan sharks. This is rediclous as we are all educated professionals who are being molested by this industry. I say class action suit! If anyone has had any sucess with an agency who has listened to their complaints about leander ...please reply. There is no one at AES that is "in charge" or can do anything. The agents are impotent or just help. It's a the loan industry for homes...something has got to be done about this. I'm ready to help, testify, whatever needs to be done. Lets organize. Where's Ralph Nader?
A very upset Loan Repayer...thanks for listening : )

Anonymous said...

I had two loans with AES and I received a payoff amount over the phone but when I went to pay it off I was told that an additional $250.00 was needed. I paid it off off immediately. I have been making monthly payments on my student loan but the balance didn't seem to be going down very much. I started watching the amount applied to the principal of the loan and the amount being applied to interest - there were times when $0.00 was applied toward the principal of the loan and others when as little as $4.80 was applied. When I questioned this I was told that my payment was late and that was why so little or no amoount was applied toward the balance of the loan. However, my payment date is the 9th of each month and payments made as early as the 3rd and the 5the month were applied in the satme fashion. Payments made after the loan date varied from $10.00 to $98.00.

One additional piece of information they have reported the loan that was paid off as being delinquent for 12 months to the credit bureau. I tried to have that removed but so far have been unsuccessfu.

Anonymous said...

i have student loans in my name that are fraudulent and do you think they would do anything to HELP me? no they just harass me 24/7... i get so many phone calls from them it is ridiculous and no help whatsoever. i also started ignoring their phone calls because answering them gets me nowhere.

C. Cryn Johannsen said...

I an advocate for people who are struggling or unable to pay their student loan debts. A debtor got in touch with me today about AES, and I directer them to this site.

I am trying to push for policy change against these loan sharks, and continue to raise hell on a daily basis (I currently reside in D.C.)

Feel free to reach me -

We need to unite and put an end to this corrupt system!

-Cryn, Creator of Education Matters

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of issues with this company, they even have a different crew on hand. Since March of 2010 I have had trouble with them again, Wachovia is having them to be the servicing company now. SallieMae released my loans to them in 2004-2006; first of all I did not know about all this servicing crap back then, I had to call to make sure they were legitimate and then I was making my payments to SallieMae and told them this; they did not want to listen, so I had them automatically withdrawn and then had to send a bank copy to them and they still continued to harrass me and turned me into a credit collection agency; I sent copies to the collection agency and they got it straightened out for me. Now, I want out from under them and am attempting to consolidate my other five loans that were serviced out by Wachovia and they won't send my pay off balance to the company I am attempting to consolidate with. I am fed up with them. I even mailed them a letter stating what I was doing, who to send it out to and they told me "just because you sent us a letter, that doesn't mean we have to do anything." Yeap, that was my response, and those people yell at you, and keep repeating theirselves and treating you like your an idiot. All I want is for someone to get off their duffs and look into why my crap is not being sent to who I want it send to. Companies now days are lazy and want you to do all they work, there is some work you can't do; they do have to get off their cans and do some leg work also.

caroline said...

I am a 60 year old grandmother who went to college first community college in the '70s and state college in the 80's. I was also a single mother of 2 who loved college and wanted to be a professor. I began taking loans as part of a financial aid package and then started taking bank loans. I was on welfare, living in a really tough ghetto and that money helped me survive. I always had a work study job in college. When I left after almost a year in grad school, I had a 25,000 dollar debt. When I signed the papers for the loans I didn't read the fine print, I was totally not understanding what the hell I was doing. My first job out of college paid me a little over 20,000 a year. So, that had to pay for all my and my childrens needs. There was no needs based amount to pay on the loans, I went through harassment by collection agencies and eventually, years later, my pay was being garnished, tax refunds taken and maybe 2 years ago, I got a letter from a lawyers office saying I could make payment arrangements. I did for a year and a half, 150.00 per month. Now I'm unemployed and hear that when I do get social security, they'll garnish my check. I don't regret going to college, I loved it, but I regret being so naive and ignorant of the fact that I was dooming my self for life!

Nick said...
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Nick said...
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alina said...

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Anonymous said...

I also have received information from these AES people and paid over $22000.00 because I thought that was what I owed... now there is another loan amount in excess of $56000.00 and will be over $100,000.00 before the payoff terms can be reached. I know good and well I don't and never have pocketed or cashed a check for $56000.00.

Anonymous said...

I just logged in and placed AES complaints in the search and was surprised to see so many complaints against this company. I did this after I got off the phone with a supervisor to complain about the treatment I have been receiving on the phone. I told him the customer service people were rude, disrespectful, and harassing. He was not much better as he tried to turn it on me saying I did not do this or that, which I had. I also have wondered why my balance never seems to get lower after paying for years and got a "song and a dance" so now I am going to look into that as well. Glad there are steps to look into this company.

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Anonymous said...

AES is fraud. They intercepted me and my husbands refund for a debt that we were not responsible for

Dipankar said...

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Riched and Ridiculed said...

OMG I was just in tears and crying and so angry for about an hour until I got on here and read your post. The same exact thing has been happening to me! I have made over 4,500 dollars worth of payments towards AES in the past 4 months. The keep saying that everything is taken care of and after going into their Reduced Payment program I only have to pay 150$ a month. So then they take out the 150$ and then they are hounding me again saying Im deliquent on my loans, to the point where they are contacting my (follow me here) mother in laws husbands ex wife to try and reach me. Just about an hour or so ago I recieved a phone call from a lady stating she was calling from National Collegiate Trust, which I never realized it was AES until about 20min ago, stating that if I do not pay 16,000 dollars today that further actions will be taken meaning court and yadda yadda. However March 20, 235 was taken out of my account plus my monthly 150$ and then another 50$ on the 22 of March and another 50$ on April 8th but yet Im still deliquent!? I think they none know their ass from the whole in the ground. Apparently, Im not deliquent because Ive been paying but yet im still in collection is what I am being told. So now after almost 4,500 dollars later they claim Im in collections and deliquent yet again. So this time around, I told the lady that they just need to take me to court cause Im sick of this moneying me to death. Im starting to think that they are just wanting me to pay because ive been paying in large amounts from day 1 thinking that im behind, which I wasn't! And me being a fool have been feeding into this and now they are harassing me and my family to death! Its embarrassing for me to have to explain because ppl think that Im a low life who inst paying my debt when in fact im paying more than my monthly dues! Im totally on board calling BBB and the Attorney General!!!

Another thing,
They NEVER send any type of bills. The only bills I have ever received were the first 6months after recieving the deferred loan...everything was 0$ and the amount due was 0$ and then they stopped and all of a sudden they started harassing me. Im still in school but yet im deliquent on a deferred loan!?!?! common

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Anonymous said...

AES is also stealing your money! I learned this after requesting a loan payoff for two of my loans. I checked back a few days later and discovered that I had payed them too much (I had a negative balance of $2.08 and $1.38) and just assumed that it would be applied to one of my other remaining loans. About a week later I checked back again only to find that my negative balances had been zeroed out and the total $3.46 was not applied to any other loan nor returned to my bank account! Where did this money go? I waited 2 months and finally called AES to inquire about this. The customer service rep tried to tell me that I never had a negative balance and that everything was as it should be-paid off. I told him that I keep detailed records of my payments and know that I overpaid and that I had seen a negative balance on my account. He promptly transfered me to a manager. She informed me that the extra "missing" money had been "written-up" which she explained to me was the opposite of writting-off. She said that the extra I paid was essentially used to cover any write-offs that they would incur on other accounts. She basically admitted that they were stealing my money to cover any missing money that This is completely wrong in my eyes and everyone needs to be aware of where their money goes when paying AES!!!

alec said...

I got a great one. I decided to study surgery as a profession. In order to do this I have to be in residency for 5 to 6 years just doing general surgery plus 1-3 years of fellowship training in what ever specialty of surgery you want to practice. Last year I get a letter from AES that some of my loans from Wels Fargo are no longer eligible for forebarence and I would have to pay $800 a month for those loans. That amount is outrageous, it is 2/3 of my biweekly pay check, and as a father of a young child and a single income provider this payment is not possible. I called AES to see what can be done, they gave me the party line of “you can not speak to owner bank”… “you must pay up”….”there is nothing that you can do”… I tried to find a way to work with them so that not to default, they refuse. Every time I contacted then I was made to feel like a criminal (a surgical fellow) a dead beat. Being as busy as I am working 120 hr weeks these pencil pushers and intestinal anal parasites where telling me that my child did not deserve formula but the bank deserved its payment. One of these bustards actually told me not to pay my credit card (which, later on, he found out was from the same bank and retracted the statement) and to pay the bank. Mean while as these bustards kept harassing me and my family threatening my child and wife, I spoke to the lender (Wels Fargo, who by the way recently stopped doing business through them) who had a program which I qualified and was accepted for but it took a month to process. During that month I received multiple phone calls and even when I told them about my status in the program they persisted. I received phone calls day and night being told how bad of a person I am (when I dealt with the sick and dying all day) and how I am a dead beat. Afcause once that program was processed the calls stopped. Later on, I find out that those statements are actually illegal. These bustards are not allowed to tell you not to feed your child or not to pay a bill because they are owed money. They are also not allowed to harass you at work or at night. I wish I had the money and new a good lawyer.

alec said...

This year, I have another problem with AES. Now I get contacted by them that now my Bank of America loan is due and that it can not be deferred or placed in to forebarence same as before. Now knowing what I went though with my Wels Fargo loans I tried to be more proactive and call the bank of America (who I want to stress have been extremely generous and all the people I spoke too went above and way, way, way beyond what they had too) who after a long search tell me that they have absolutely no recorded of still owning that loan, because all of the student loan department has been sold off to different lenders. Ok great so I call AES the absolutely garantie me that Bank of America (BoA) still owns the loan and they are following the rules which are laid out by them. What the hell are they talking about I just got of the phone with the central bank who has no record of it. Alright I say maybe someone made a mistake, let me speak with the bank. I call the BoA once again and end up speaking to a great supervisor in their landing department (who subsequently spend almost 2hr with me on the phone by the end trying to help me out, she was great) who again does a broad search coming up with no record of me in the system. Both of us call AES together just to run in to the wall saying that BoA owns my loan and that they are following there rules with the BoA representative on the line telling her that there is not record of it. When asked for some collaborating information or contact AES gives the same BS line they gave me last year “you are not allowed to speak to the bank, they will not talk to you” (what is she on crack I have a bank manager on the phone trying to help settle the issue, a fool would not make that statement), what kind of practices is this? For all I know I am at this point paying a loan which is not existing? Am I paying Al Capone?. This went on for a total of 4 hours for me, in the end AES rep told me that she is will submit a request for a BoA rep dealing with AES to contact me? What the hell is she taking about? BoA tells me there are only 2 companies they deal with ACS and Great lakes?

Tara said...

OMG have I spend hours and hours on the phone with AES every day trying to be a good person and deal with my student loans only to be told that I am a liar and lazy....I am so glad I am not alone!

I have 4 loans with AES totaling 105,000.00 which make my monthly payments over $750 a month. I am a single female preschool teacher with an apartment and a lot of other bills to pay and my paychecks each month only total $1000 so honestly i cannot afford their payments. Being out of school since 2008 I have already used up all of my forbearance and deferment as well as what I thought was all of the repayment plans I qualify for.

So my account went past due 71 days...I get calls at all hours even though I have told them on many occasions that I work at a school and cannot get phone calls between 8am and 6pm. EVERY night I call AES back and ask for options to help my account. Every night for 3 months now I get told the same thing "We have no other options that apply to your loans"
They tell me I have to call up my family members my friends (they even asked if I had a boyfriend and to as his family and friends!) to get the money. My mother is all I have and happens to be my cosigner...she just filed bankruptcy and doesn't have any money.

Well the other day I find out that this WHOLE time I actually qualify for what they call a NGRS with an Administrative Forbearance that will get my account current and take my payments in half for 12 months.

GREAT I say and ask them to mail me paperwork...I was told by the rep (which I should have just said no and waited for the papers my mistake!) that if I go ahead and agree to put that applications for the NGRS and forbearance through TODAY it will go into effect in time to make my July 7th payment a 1/2 price payment. So I agree and everything gets put through.

SO TODAY when I call to check up on the status of everything I find out that I was approved and my loans are current and my 1/2 price payments will start in AUGUST!?!?
Turns out that they mailed my bill this morning before the NGRS was approved and so now I have to come up with a full $750 payment for July!?!?!

When I spoke to a supervisor she was very rude and told me that the rep yesterday never told me that July's payment would be included in the NGRS. When I told her that indeed he said that and that was the only reason I agreed to sign up over the phone she told me that I was lying.

After getting fed up with her I asked to speak to who owned my loan only to be told that they don't have any contact with then and there is no number for the company that actually owns my loans.


I am fed up with AES, they lie, give you false information to get you to agree to things, and then claim that they didn't do anything.
The supervisor actually told me "We never forced you to agree to anything" Well I'm sorry but I agreed to it willingly because I was being lied to and given false information.

This kind of behavior is against the law!

feel free to email me and blow off some steam about AES
I live in North Carolina

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Anonymous said...

I have contacted a lawyer about the practices at American Education Services. I would like to get as many people as possible with complaints together as possible if a petition is needed to be signed or, if possible, getting as many plaintiffs together for a possible lawsuit. Please e-mail me at Spread the word.

Dig Luciano said..., I am all in to be a plaintiff.

Dig Luciano said..., I am more than willing to be a plaintiff

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

FRAUD Company!! I agree something is wrong with this company. I graduated ten years ago and I still owe the same amount!!!! I have paid off other loans but apparently AES system does not work the same way. I am in the process of taking my loan away from AES. I am all in for a class action law suit!! - Tanisha

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of your comments AES is a fraud. I have never had a problem paying my student loans and now they say I never sent in my payments, increased my monthly bill and when I called about it, the representative was rude. Does anyone know if we can switch companies?

Steve Cooper said...

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Anonymous said...

I have had ENOUGH!!!!! I have been with AES for about 4yrs, and I have been paying on time. And have been paying about $51.00 over the amount due each month. But my principal has not gone down. Each month i spend anywhere from 8 to 10 hrs on the phone with them. I call 5 days before my payment is due to verify the amounts for each loan, and i pay them on time. Well every month after they take the money they call me and say i owe some more. And i pay more. i ask them how much is my monthly payment, and every month they say "349.00" so i pay 400. Well in September my payments went up to 449.00 so i payed 500.00 they called me saying i owe another 68.70. hmm??? i was told my payment now is 540.48 for this month. well it just doesnt add up. so i asked if i was charged a late fee, they said no. WTF???? i have to deal with this every month and i dont know what to do. My principal has not gone down, my payments change every MINUTE. Representatives are so rude. I was asked to "shut up, open my check book and pay" after i asked them to explain why do i owe more, if i payed what they told me to pay. I was told to learn english, i do have a slight accent, but my english is better then most of their agents. I just cannot take it anymore. In august of 2009 i was in deferment cuz i went back to school. And in December of 2009 we recive a call from a collection agency telling us that they have began the process to garnish my mothers wages (she is my co-signer) I asked why, they told me AES has sent me to collections. I called AES, (who has never called me to say there was ANY kind of problem) and i was told that they have no record of me in deferment. That my school didnt send any papers. I have (prior to them approving me in august 2009) sent them papers from my school and so has my school and i have at that time verfyed that they recived the papers and i was approved. I was told to pay 1900. I borrowed the money and i called to make the payment they told me they have no clue what i was talking about. However, this incident has gone on my and my mum's credit report. Well I have had ENOUGH!!!! Something isn't right here! I am getting a lawyer on tuesday! It really helps knowing i am not the only one. This whole time i thought i was doing something wrong!

David said...

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Sasha said...

You Are Not Alone.. I've been trying to pay these bastards off and they continuously keep you on a treadmill to make you feel financial incompetent. Please sign this petition to Pres. Obama expressing to him that this political curtain regarding private student loans is unjust.!/petition/make-laws-lower-excessive-interest-rates-private-student-loans-excessive-fees-make-payments/Q1vNb45G

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten that my loans had been sold and resold finally ending up with AES. I have know idea how much I owe them. I do know it is way more than I borrowed. They just charged me $7,000 to default. I am in for anything to get out from under these guys.

Anonymous said...

I am like others here. I thought I was the only one in this boat. I took out a loan with AES to help pay for college. It was only $6,000. Ended up being around $6,700 as the original balance. I have since paid over $6,500 on it and still looking at over $4,600 left. Yeah, I understand interest, and I have no issue paying back my loans, but that's almost doubled what I borrowed. That's a bit ridiculous.

My main issue with AES is back in June 2009 I made my monthly payment, but for some reason wasn't going to be able to make my July payment on the first. So I paid it a week early (end of June). End of July, I make my normal payment for August. Beginning of August I start getting calls from a collection agency that I defaulted on my Student Loan.

What happened was that AES, instead of counting my early July payment for July. They added it onto my June's payment, which was made the first of June. AES screwed up and within a month of the so-called unpaid bill they turn it over to collections.

Now my monthly bills show $0 due, and has been showing that for about a year now. I called to find out what's my min payment and they won't tell me.

Also, is it just me or do they tend to make it really hard to pay your payment. I mean they push their site, but half the time it doesn't work. They push the direct, but not sure how much I trust them with that.

I don't mind paying back what I owe, but I think that these companies do take advantage of people.

Anonymous said...

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jason johnson said...

decker college ripped me and other students off they closed w/ out notice.. and great lakes will not forgive these loans...if your having the same issue w/ them contact me Jason johnson

Anonymous said...

I have 3 loans through National Collegiate Trust/AES for 3 years of college. My school actually recommended them to my parents. I have 3 different interest rates and must pay over $800 per month and have been laid off 2ce in a year. Every time I have called to ask for assistance in dealing with the payments, I am rejected. I cant extend the life of the loan, I used up my forebearance after college. Their solution to me has been to default, which I dont want to do because then it will affect my cosigner. I have tried to find other banks to buy out the loan but have been rejected due to my debt to income ratio.. but its the AES loans that are killing that ratio. No idea what to do, anyone have any advice??

Anonymous said...

I just got informed that my student loan has been sold to AES. After graduation, I moved to Europe and for the last 5 years I have been making payments with a credit card (to Citibank, who previously had my loan). I would have rather had direct debiting, but was told that since I don't have a US checking account I have to make payments with a credit card. Now I get this letter from AES saying that my only two options to make payments are to send checks or money orders. This seems like an archaic and unsecure way to make payments in this day and age. I have requested them to look into other options, but I am becoming hopeless as I read these other complaints. I hope me and my bank can figure something out, AES seems like a terrible lender.

Absolute Asylum said...

I have had a fair amount of time with this agency on the phone. I was being haggled with calls 3x's a day every day. The option for Whitman Ford Student loans took over my overdue funds and evaporated my interests. While I thought this was going to be the end of the situation...little did I know that AES was and is still a JOKE. They called me 2 months later saying I owed still to them $25,000 and payable in full amount. I was astonished to even hear of such a thing. I explained the prior situation and they said it was only for my student loans and not private loans. They proceed to mock me at how much debt I was in and said student private loans cannot be held back until you're out of school. I have had nothing but ill-regards for this company and not sure how they think they are better than Sallie Mae whom I have a private loan through also and they have NEVER! called me once for repayment.

Anonymous said...

My student loan service provider is American Education Services (AES). After years of hassles with AES over payments made and contradicting written correspondence sent to me by them, I applied and was accepted to have my student loans consolidated with another service provider. More than three weeks AFTER AES received written notification by the other loan service provider that they were buying out my student loans from AES, and approximately ten days AFTER AES received notification of when their payment for my student loans would be delivered to AES, AES "placed" my loans with NCO for collection. I am currently in the process of attempting to find out why this AES error happened and what steps need to be taken to remedy the error made by AES.

Anonymous said...

I have been fighting AES for over 2 years for a woman who is 100 years old & they allowed to be a cosigner on a private student loan. Please what stupid company would allow a person of that age without assets to be a cosigner? It will be a cold day in hell before they recieve any money from her & trying to get them to understand her situation is beyond crazy. I have told her to ignore them as they have no legal way to collect from her, but she is upset by all the harrassing phone calls & mail. I am trying one last time to get them to stop harrassing her and if that doesn't work I am taking this to her Congressman.

Tye Kline said...

I borrowed $19,000 in 1995 to be a teacher. When my loan is paid off I will have paid over $64,000 (+).
A Mr. John Stumpf the CEO of Wells Fargo Bank holds my loan. I have tried many times to contact him but his rep. says he is a busy man. What he is doing to me is legal. But I would just like a man like this to tell me it is right. If he thinks he is busy (Makes $20,000,000 (+) a year try being a teacher. I will show him busy. ($41,000 a year). I guess the love of money makes Mr. John Stumpf who he is. I would just like to talk to him for 10 min. and I think he would make this right. If you see Mr. Stumpf ask him to call Tye Kline (Teacher of at risk kids) Thanks for your time.

Anonymous said...

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Thanks & Regards,

TrackStar said...

I've been reading everyone's comments for the past hour. The only complaint I have with AES is that are never willing to help me out! I've called several times to see about doing a combination refinance since I have 6 separate loan account from undergraduate school. They keep telling me different things, and are never consistent with the advice they are giving. All 6 of my student loans with AES (one from each semester I attend college) have different interest rates. All I'm trying to do is combine them into one loan (preferably using the lowest interest rate) however, they simply won't help me out. All the tell me to do is make a payment. That's all they care about is getting their money instead of helping their customers! Also, every time I request to speak to a supervisor regarding combining my loans, they always say they're not available, and refuse to transfer my call!!

Bearkat0501 said...

In the last couple of weeks, I too have spent way too many hours on the phone with these people.

I received a letter that I was going to default, so I called and paid the $1500 to catch up. I was told this would avoid default and then could begin my regular month payments.

I received a statement in the mail on Jan. 19 for a payment that was due JAN. 22!!! They didn't even mail it to me until the 12th. So I called this morning to make a payment over the phone (since I cannot log into the website because it's telling me my date of birth and social security # are wrong) and they tell me I'm in default.

The genius on the phone read me all of the comments on my account specifically stating that I made that large payment in time to AVOID default.

These people are idiots and have no idea what they are doing. The last genius I spoke to about 3 hours ago was supposed to sort things out and call me back.

I have yet to hear from her and I seriously doubt I will.

Anonymous said...

I am experiencing the same problem now!!!

Anonymous said...

i have the same situation happening to me, it seems like lenders just want to make more money out of everyone. We are a business to them, the more they can get out of us, the best for their pockets, not fair! We took a loan with a certain amount to be paid off, so far i am good with that, but what is with all the fees and interests, not right.
My loan is at default because they sold it to a collection agency who do not understan my situation and they threaten me to garnish my pay even though i work part time since the economy took a lapse on jobs, everyone was laying people off. They insist on me paying about $380per month, because the loan has gotten to its limit, limit of what?? It doesn't matter to them how much i make today, what matter is getting me to sign a piece of paper that says i would owe more that what i borrowed. I am so sick to my stomach about this whole deal and no one wanting to help.
I am not rich to get any lawyers but what these people are doing to many of us, that fell right into this money game to them is sad. They are not nice people over the phone but God has made me a better person to understand the cruelty in some people who just live for the wrong of doing people wrong.

Hope everyone find the light to all things, and hopefully, God willing, all these financial problems around the world will go away soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes i believe the government should look into this, they are a lot of corrupted agencies working under them and they may not even know it. It is in our right to have someone on our side to get us out of debt, so why is that their own government agencies are doing this to people, getting money that does not go anywhere than to themselves. They say: this is to get you out of default, send 480 dollars and we will help you, but at the end, they don't, they stop calling and the next time they speak to you, they want more money, so I asked: i would like to know where all this money is going, can i have a transcript of the recent money i gave you, but they refused to give me a copy because the money didn't help me, it went right to them, plus for the past three years they have taken all my tax refund money, and yet to this day i have no proof where this money went, because it sure didn't go towards my student loan, this agency comes from the government so they say, FH Cann & Associates, they are very rude, to the point when i had to ignore them. They have all my money, thanks god i have copies sent by the IRS that all this money went to them. I was going to hire a lawyer but then they didn't want to bother with student loans.

KO said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very upset with AES right now! ughhhh I was getting my masters degree when my loan was sold to this company.. I contacted this company when I graduated to let them know that I had graduated and the rep said that dont worry your college will let us know. I recieved a bill that said the bill date was 1/20/12 and the due date was 1/25/12! I called to say give me more time then 5 days to recieve notice of the bill and send the payment back. This RUDE rep began yelling at me that I never contacted them to tell them that I graduated and that they had to find out themselves!!!!!!!!! From what I understand I had three months any way for a loan to come out of defferment after graduation and I was being kind to start paying early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to know about what other options I have to get my loan changed to another company!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to do. AES just doubled my monthly payment. I cannot afford that and when I called to see if there were other options for me they said no. They have been harassing and threatening me and my cosigner even though I have given them money. I don't know what to do. I have two kids and my husband and I are trying to buy a house but this company is trying to make it impossible. Any ideas I would love to hear them.

Anonymous said...

If you fall behind, let it default. I spent the last year, begging and borrowing to keep up to date and they defaulted me anyway. Might I add my default principle was 7% higher than my original loan amount, and this did not include a penney of the $2500 plus they got out of me over the last year. Bottom line, it is a joke, and these companies will continue to cloud all issues, embellish all facts, and lie to their customers all in the name of the all mighty dollar. If I am going to get screwed, there is no reason for the US tax payer to get screwed as well. Fannie Mae and AES, and all these companies need to stop lobbying with my interest paid and let the goverment take over the loans again. Like back when the government made money on them and school was cheaper. said...

AES has the worst customer service of all time. I hate the fact my original loans from Chase were sold to them because they are horrible at their "jobs." I currently work in financial aid and I wish i knew what I know now about funding and responsible borrowing, limits, and repayment. It was way too easy for me to get these private student loans and I cannot repay them when they are off their "graduated repayment plan" they won't help me beyond that. I am currently paying like $600 a month right now and I am doing fine with that but full repayment for me for the next 20 years will put me at about $900 per month. That is completely outrageous and more than some people's mortgage. I request to be put on something maybe longer than 20 years but no such luck. I asked for longer on the currently plan but they told me I was shit out of luck.

every single person i speak to there i either can understand or they don't know what they are talking about. i was two days late on a loan for the first time and i called to see what happened and it was because they didn't process my payment correctly and i would have to work with collections going forward, What a JOKE, it had been 2 days!!! Its amazing how they are still in business. Oh did I mention they finally processed the payment...but they decided to make it go through TWICE! This was 2 weeks before Christmas in 2011 and not only did i fight with them on the phone and their "supervisor" but i had to ultimately just take care of it myself and put a dispute on my account through my personal bank. They told me it wasn't their fault and I authorized it. I have never been so angry in my life. I asked them repeatedly to check my record of payments and explain to me why all of a sudden i would make double payments to my account in the month of december for the exactly amount within 1 day of eachother. Obviously they couldn't because i NEVER authorized it. They are crooks.

Get me involved in whatever anyone is doing against this company because I am in to help 100%

Raptor said...

Hello All,

Student Loans are an absolute joke. I am the boyfriend of a girlfriend who is suffering significantly right now due to the money hungry debt collectors and scumbag employees that represent them. I have rather a special case, as I do not have any student loans whatsoever. I was smart to go to a two year school, and then go right into the sales field. I am extremely successful, and now my company is paying for my Bachelors Degree. That being said, the love of my life is getting BURIED by student loans and it is extremely sad. She had taken out loans to go to BU when she was young (18), had no parental advice on finances, but wanted to go to school to be a teacher and better herself, so she signed her life away like any young kid would do to go to school. After all, America preaches that enhanced education is the key to success right? Regardless, she graduated, with upwards of 70K in student loans. As you know, a teachers salary isn't exactly the greatest paying job in the world. So after she graduated, the loans started piling up. She could not afford to rent an apartment, and pay all of her student loans at the same time, so a bunch of them went into default status. Now they are coming after her for a 15K loan, that is now 24K due to interest and rates. Not to mention, they are already garnishing her paycheck to the sum of $500/month, AND, she is making healthy payments to Sallie Mae at $200/month. How the hell do these people expect someone to NOT be homeless, get to work, and support themselves? Luckily, she has a supportive boyfriend who helps her out when he can. Adding insult to injury, we came home to a summons at our doorstep yesterday. Turns out the lender from 2003 went to an attorney, and now she is being taken to court. The kicker is, we responded to the plaintiff attorney the day after the summons, and they had closed the case. Now we are in limbo! Did they close the case because there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute her? Therefore the attorney washed his hands of it? OR, did he realize that Massachusetts has a written contract statue of limitations limiting debt collection to 6 years? She hasn't made any payments at all, and the loan was given in 2003. So now that it is 2012, is the loan and contract null and void due to the statue of limitations? I am hoping someone else has been in this situation before, and can provide me with some background information. We will be going to see a Consumer Loan Attorney soon, so that we can wrap this up and pay a lump sum or get on a repayment plan, but I wanted to see if anyone had information on this, and whether or not the contract is null and void now because of the MA statue of limitations? Please let me know and respond, my email address is if you can offer any advice or assistance.

I just feel terrible for her. She is the hardest working teacher in a Boston Public School, holds down a babysitting job, tutoring, and she is going for her Masters which will be completed in May. She needs a break in the worst way. If this loan is null and void it could help her out extremely. Any feedback given is appreciated.



jcc said...

HELP!! I co-signed for my daughter's student loans which were originally 20k each for a total of 40k with a payment of 230/month. At some point the loan was broken into 2 different loans. So my daughter and I split the payments. Each loan was approximately 31k with monthly payments of $150 per month. We were doing fine until she received notice this January that AES has added approx. 20K to her loan FOR NO APPARENT REASON. Now her payments are $250/month with a threat to increase next month to $300/month! Again no rhyme or reason has been given. I want to go to a lawyer to fight this fraudulent behavior! HELP!

Anonymous said...

I think this company is a complete scam. I have had nothing but problems from them since day one, they have lied, not done what they said they were going to do and misrepresented their selves and the owner of the loan. Then it appears my loan was sold to another company in 2010. Now I am being harassed for a full amount of 20,000 or they are going to go after my co-signor and but a lien on his house. Who do I contact to make sure my complaints are noted?

Anonymous said...

WOW! How am I going to pay AES back $45,000 at almost $500.00 a month. I was just granted an unemployment deferment. Now, I get a letter that I am expected to pay starting in April. I am 59 years old and they have my repayment going well in my 80's. Will they garnish my social security check? I am eligible for social security in 3 years. What government agency do I file an appeal with?

Anonymous said...

This company sucks... After my account being on auto debit for 6 years my original loan was for 10k I still owe $8500! I've been paying 95$ a month how does that compute? I go and check my account and find no payments have been debited from my account in 2 months! I haven't changed banks in 2 year, now I'm being sent to collections because of an error on their part? I check aes website and it says $0 due and when I try to pull up my billing statement it says error wtf!

Anonymous said...

My son have a loan with AES and he passed away in 2009, I sent AES copies of my son death certificate hoping they would forgive this loan.
However, AES still call me constantly about payment on this loan. AES bought this loan from another company, and I hope I never run into a company like AES again. I am over 60 years old after the lost of my only child which was 24 years old at the time of his death I had to see a psychiatrist and I also have to take medication every day for depression. AES kept call me so much I had to find a part time job to pay for my decease son loan. I must say I truly don't feel like working but I couldn't take the harassment any longer from AES. AES is not a good company. Sometime on my way to work I get sick while driving and I have to pull the car over to the side of the road the stress just sometime is almost unbearable. I don't know how long I can work. I call AES and told them my situation and I ask them many times to please forgive this loan and they refuse.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this site. I am just starting the process to find out how to get my AES financed student loans to reflect what was actually lent to me from my graduate school, and thereby take $7,250 off what I owe, since I don't really owe it.

After graduating in 2005, I was burnt out and done with paperwork. Yet I dutifully consolidated my loans to get the lower interest rate that the powers that be insisted I do before July 31, 2006.

I didn't understand how much money my school invoiced me. Just this weekend - almost six years later - I went through all of my school invoices to find that I was charged about $12,000. I received a $4,000 scholarship that paid some of that tuition by direct deposit. So, that leaves $8,000, right? That amount was supposed to be paid by my federal student loans.

After doing the paperwork, I see that the loans they actually gave me totaled over $15,000. So, they have overcharged me $7,000. This does not included the almost $7,000 in interest that goes on top of the $15,000.

Long story short, I am paying about $22,000 for an $8,000 education.

I want my money back!

Somebody has to stop these jokers. What a scam!

Mary said...

I am in a similar situation as the rest of you. I took out a student loan from Huntington Bank and they sold it to AES. So now my $8000 loan is 21,000. My mother cosigned for the loan so they harrass both of us. She went to get a loan through our local credit union and the told her no b/c of AES. When I talked to the woman at Huntington Bank that helped us with the paperwork and getting the loan through, she denied even knowing about it let alone that she did the work on it.

Anonymous said...

My ex-boyfriend, without permission, put me as a contact for him. Fast forward 4 years later, we are not together. I do not know where he is or care to know, but his loan company wants to know. No matter how many times I tell them they keep sending letters and calling. The scary thing, they are mailing letters to my new address. I contacted an attorney. If they attempt to contact me again they will get my lawyer. She also advised to send something in writing to them, which I did. Hope it works.

Anonymous said...

AES has struck again with unethical practices.In a previous post I mentioned I co-signed a student loan that was given an increase in monthly payments by AES despite being in good standing with that company. Now I would like to share the story about the horrible treatment I've received from a second loan with AES that was a part of their Private Loan Rehabilitation Program. In July 2011 my daughter defaulted on her private student loan, for which I co-singed. However in September AES assigned us to the Loan Rehabilitation Program. The program was designed to put people who have defaulted on their private loans a chance to return to good standing. The terms of the program were clear: pay $1200 down payment, $150 month for 10 months. After ten months of on-time payments we would return to our previous payment agreement and receive a Loan Rehabilitation Closure Statement. In addition our credit report would show the monthly payments. We did everything we were suppose to do; we paid the deposit, made on time monthly payments from 9/201-2/12. However without notice AES pulled us out of the program on 3/21/12 and sent the account to Weldman, Weiberg, & Reis, an attorney/collection agency in Ohio. Again, we did everything we met all terms of the agreement but we were still sent to collections. When we called AES/NCT we were told, "We decided we wanted to collect all the money." They acknowledged the payments were made on time and we kept our end of the agreement. Despite all of this we are now in collections and are expected to pay $33,000 in one shot. The attorneys even said they could; garnish our wages, place a lien on our bank accounts and home, and sue us for the full amount. We are working diligently to resolve this issue. All we want is to continue with the payments of the Loan Rehabilitation program.
Throughout all of this I have become a little despondent. I can see if we were trying to avoid paying our loan, it would make sense if we were sued. However we followed all of the terms of the agreement and yet we are in worse circumstances than if we never paid. How can a company alter the agreement of their program without warning? As I pray for a solution I keep this scripture in mind, " What shall we then say to these things?If God is for us who can be against us(Romans 8:31,KJV)?"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I am in the fortunate position of paying off my student loans many years ago. I am visiting this forum because I was trying to research who AES is because I have been getting calls, many calls, on my work phone from them. My caller-id shows that all the calls came in early in the morning or late at night. Obviously they think they are calling a home number. I was at work early today and managed to catch their call and I told the lady that she has the wrong number and asked her not to call me again. After reading some of the posts here, I suspect they'll ignore my request and continue to call me. Obviously someone gave them my number as theirs in order to avoid the harassment. It can be boring at work so I might play along with them if they call again.

Anonymous said...

I am a lawyer with a client who has been contacted by AES about a loan that dates from the 1980’s. All states have statutes of limitation on contract actions and some are as short as 5 years. I would be interested in whether anyone else has had attempts made by collection agencies to collection trade school loans which are possibly barred by the statute of limitations.

M.Usman said...
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Anonymous said...

Your paying your loan ahead yet legally they must send you a monthly bill even if nothing is due. You received a delinquent bill because the amount paid ahead didn't satisfy a particular bill.

Aic Financial Aid said...

Thanks to all of you to provide the information about student loan problems and I also agree with you that there is the high interest rate against the student loan that why student are much worried about it. Obama should do something to resolve this problem so the student can easily get the loan and also affords it and pay back it.

Anonymous said...

You guys do understand that all of the terms and conditions of the loans that you pull out are in your promisary note. It clearly states that if your dilinquent on your student loans calls and letters must be done until the dilinquency is fixed or the account must go into defult. IT isnt loan sharking or anything of the such, when you avoid or do not wish to act like an adult and pay back the money you borrow actions are taken to take it. IT is like any other bill. And for private loans AES doesnt own them at all the terms conditions and all other info on private loans are all upheld by the lender of the loan. The people who work at aes spend hours a day calling people who they dont want to talk to to try and help them to get yelled at or hung up on. How would you feel about that?

Stonehill Financial Aid said...

I am very Thankful to all of you to guide the people about the disadvantages of the ACS service. I need student loan but after reading your comments i will definitely not go for the ACS. We should try to avoid it...!

Anonymous said...

I am a lawyer in Arizona and one of my student loans was sold to AES as well and dealing with them has been an absolute nightmare. It's extremnely difficult to actually speak with a representative and when you you actually to speak with someone they're rude and generally unhelpful.

My monthly bill recently went from $250 per month to almost $400 and when I called they basically said that's the amount to pay or you will be delinquent, zero options, zero help. I said I cannot pay that much per month and basically they're answer was tough that's what is owed.

VSAC holds the rest of my loans and I have NEVER had an issues with them. It's horrific dealing with AES.

Citadel Financial Aid said...

I think this company is a complete scam. I've had nothing but problems from them from day one, lied, is not what they said they would do and distorted self and the loan holder. Following is the loan was sold to another company in 2010. Now I'm being stalked by a total of 20,000, or that they will go after my co-signer and has a lien on your home. Who do I contact to make sure that my complaints are observed?

Anonymous said...

I accidentally paid ACE during my Temporary Hardship Foreberance period. The payment was supposed to go to Comcast. It was an electronic fund transfer error.
I called AES and they asked for a letter from my bank stating that the bank could not re-scind the payment. I got the letter. After about a week ro two, I got a call from AES saying that they were sending me a check within three weeks.
Guess what, it never showed! I called and I was told that because it was not AES mistake, they could not refund me. But three weeks before that I was told they could and that they were sending out the check.
I asked to speak to a manager or to get a name in the relevant department. I was told "Customer Service". And was told they would not transfer me to speak to someone who might have more power to deal with my situtation. You better bet that they would have come after me if they had accidentally over paid me and I said, "Sorry, but that's your mistake not mine. I am keeping the money."
I told them I am contacting the media, a lawyer and my congressman as well as switching my loans to another company.

Montclair State University Financial Aid said...

I am receiving mail and phone calls from this organization, saying that I owe them money for something I'm not sure. They say that I stopped making payments in 5/11. The truth is I never pay them because I do not know who they are. I've got to just do something about my tax returns. This is going too far. Please help me....!!

Anonymous said...


how can we deal with AES? how can we transfer the loan out of the AES? Is there anyone sue AES yet/susseful?

Anonymous said...

I have been ripped off by American Education Services for years and years (trying to be a good citizen) and have now decided to just give up and stop paying. I have paid 177.00/month (after 2,500) down-payment on a loan that was originally 10k... it ballooned to 20k and now only 1k of the 12 years of payments have gone to principal... it is completely insane.
We need a class-action lawsuit about this company?
It is outrageous.MWA

Anonymous said...

I'm just baffled and pretty annoyed by this. I've had a loan with these guys since 2007 and it does seem like progress is being made, but I just feel like it's going to take much longer than I expect to get it out of the way. Maybe I'll be able to pay it off, but I'm just so confused as to why the government hasn't done anything to change all of this. I really feel for everyone having to deal with this company. I hope it gets fixed.


I'm so glad that this blog is here. I had the misfortune of taking out a loan through Chase and had it taken over by AES. I want to tell you that every payment has felt like I was giving money to the devil. Don't bother trying to explain your hardships or requests for an adjustment to your loan. They will just laugh it off and bury you even deeper. They feed off of any perceived weakness. You're better off taking an outside route. If companies are people too, then this one is a sadistic sociopath. And I can't believe someone from their company actually posted on here. It's like having King George writing a rebuttal on the Declaration of Independence.

Anonymous said...

My daughter's loan were sold to AES in 2009 right before she graduated from Fordham. She started paying her loans back to 3 different loan companies, Sallie Mae, AES and ACS, with total monthly payment of $900. She was lucky she landed a job 6 months after she graduated because her grace period was over. Now, we are being harrassed by them on a daily basis nightly basis and even on weekends. Her father is also being harrassed by them as he was a consigner when she was going to college and both of us did not have any money to pay for her college education. I was out of work and in tremendous debt just trying to survive during her college years. Her father was struggling and starting anew family. So, we both signed our life away to make sure she went to college and finished. Now, 3 years later, I am just trying to get back on my feet , as well as help my daughter with some of her college loan payments. My ex- husband is also trying to help her with his part of her student loan payments and makes his own separate loan payments, but he is not allowed to see my account. They still call all three of us every month whenever we make a payment and say that that payment just brought you up to date with last month's payment, but now your loan is still delinquent for this month. Weare all making payments but they don't stop calling. I have called them back many times to find out if they got the payment that I just made and they tell me that it wasn't applied to my account. Then they tell me I know how frustrating this must be for yo, but you have to tell you daughter to call us and tell her to specifically have my payment applied to my account. My ex-husband is getting the same kind of calls from AES right after he makes a payment, too. I am at my wits end with this company. Even when I was struggling and out of work, I owed a lot of money to credit cards and even they weren't as harassing or operating outside the law because I knew how much I was behind, as it was clearly reflected in the monthly statements. I am ready to join a class action against these loansharks, if there is one.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, June 5, 2012, 12:25pm:

Maybe you should look for another job instead of working for this Ponzi scheme. If they were a legitimate company this site would not have 86 negative comments posted and only one post from someone who works for them whose standing up for them. If you are tired of being yelled at and hung up on, then go work for a legitimate company who can back up what they tell lenders and sound like they know what they are talking about. This scam is happening to everyone on this site, including lawyers, except you. Most of these people on this site did not sign up for these terms and conditions because their loans were sold off to this scam company. Just like the housing disaster was caught for giving out refinancing loans to people who were not capable of paying them back and they got caught and they got burnt and the financial crisis went out of control. So, right about that time, the government decided to capitalize on student loans and go after vulnerable students for money they don't have and never will have trying to pay back student loans that never get paid off. So now they go after their cosigners, even of they are 100years old and aren't going live long enough to pay the loans, let alone pay their medical bills at that age. My advice to you is to get another job before they get caught and you become a part of their illegal operation.

Anonymous said...

I've paid over $22K of what was a $12K loan off since 1998. ALMOST DOUBLE! Loan will finally be paid off in 2 months. INSANE! I don't get how AES can get away with this. Where did my extra $10K go?

Anonymous said...

Can't we file a complaint against AES with the SEC like the Ex-CEO, Dan Mudd, is now being looked into going back to 2006 records. He apparently gave out too many EA loans to people making up 43% of their income. Expanded Approval loans are for people with weak credit and that's what many of the student loans are since Sallie May gave them out but then sold them off to AES to take them over? Isn't there's lawyer who could check this out to see why this fraud is going on so long and AES is getting away with all our money?

Trent said...

Does anyone know if we can ask other companies to buy our loans so we dont have to deal with AES anymore?

Trent said...

In response to my own question: I tried to consolidate through Wells Fargo and they said they dont to govt loans which mine are but they said to go to Finally getting rid of AES!!

Shari Lehman said...

I can't believe AES continues to get by, given the way they operate. We too have been through years of harassment & everything else AES has to offer. We thought we were through with AES as of 8/6. After yrs of dealing with AES, we took out a loan with our local bank so we could pay AES off & get them out of our hair. On 8/6 a check for over $30,000 was sent to them to pay off a student loan - should be end of story, right! You guessed it, WRONG! We got one of their infamous letters on 8/24 that on 8/22 AES sent the pay-off check back & we are late with our monthly payment! They had over $30,000 in hand & effin' sent it back because according to them since they didn't recieve the payoff until 8/13 instead of by 8/10, the payoff amt was incorrect & they couldn't accept the check. Of course, now they want almosr $200 more for interest. This is so wrong on so many levels! I spent over1 1/2 hr on the phone with numerous rude & incompetent so-called customer service people, getting the same song & dance. Asked to speak to the Pres, CEO, whoever is at the top. I was told that is James Preston, but he doesn't have a phone! They actually think I'm that dumb I will believe that? After almost 2 hrs on the phone, I'm still not positive how this will play out. AES needs to be investigated, I think like many others they are fraudulant on so many levels. What can we do? There are too many similar complaints against AES? Trent, we thougt we were rid of AES, so don't celebrate too soon!

SurveyTool said...

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Shari Lehman said...

A follow-up to my 8/25 post. AES said they sent the check back on 8/22, well, it is now 8/29 & we have not rec'd the check back from AES. We were told to make sure to make a regular payment before 8/31, so it wouldn't show up on our credit report. We made a phone payment on 8/24 but that ended up being another 1/2 hr on the phone with a few choice words exchanged. Why is AES making it so hard for those of us who are doing things right? How many people are defaulting on loans & those of us who are trying to take care of our responsibilities are being put through everything AES is putting us thru. AES needs to be stopped! HELP!

Tess said...

So what are our options? I too am with AES. My loan company sold out to them in the spring of 2011. I was on a comfortable payment plan, not a graduated plan and for over a year, I was making the same amount payment to AES and nothing was being applied to principal. I caught this when my payments jumped over a $100 and then I noticed nothing going to principal. I called them and asked why and they informed me I was on a graduated plan. I said since when? I demanded to see the agreement I signed for this plan and they could not produce it. So, I am making accelerated payments, which i struggle with each month, and still nothing is showing up on principal. This really scares me. I am thinking of writing letters to my states leaders and such. What is everyon else doing out there? I am from Iowa. Sure would like to hear from anyone on how to resolve this. Please contact me at

Anonymous said...

Wow - I'm reading all of these stories and realized I'm not alone. I don't know if my story is to be expected, or if something fishy is going on. I graduated in 1994 with a loan amount, from SunTrust Bank, of approximatey $19,000. Today, 10/7/2012 I owe approximately $13,000 - you read that right. 18 years later, I've only reduced the principal by approximately $6,000!!

I have had to repeatedly put my loan into deferment over the past 7years due to - you got it - the economy. I've had a job sent to India, I was laid off from the next job when the country fell apart, and I was just "managed out" of a job after more than 3 years and was forced to sign a contract stating I would not sue for age discrimination if I wanted a tidy little severance package. My job went to a newly minted college graduate half my age with no spouse or children.

I've been told repeatedly that I cannot speak with a SunTrust Bank bank representative because AES is the loan servicer. I feel trapped in a student loan that will haunt me until I die. I'll be 49 years old in December. It's shocking that during an 18 year period, 7 years of which my payments were off and on with deferments during certain periods, that I would have only reduced my student loan by a lousy $6,000!! I know that interest capitalizes, but guess what? My loan is at 9% interest!!! They didn't provide low interest rates back then like they do today.

I don't know where to turn for help anymore. Even the new Consumer Protection Bureau blew off my request for assistance. I'me with you Tess - if there is anyone out there that cares and can do something about this death grip that student loans have on us, PLEASE HELP!!

Julie Hicks
Chester, VA

Tracy Wolfe said...

Has anyone just not paid? My husbands loan was 20k originally. We were paying $220/mo right after he graduated for about 6 months, but he couldn't get a job. We quit paying and defaulted last year. After 3 years of not paying and ignoring phone calls we were told that we would be sued and our wages/income tax would be garnished. To avoid this, we pay them $50/mo auto debit. They don't call anymore, but the debt just goes up. It's at 30k now. We want ro quit paying them but are scared they will take our tax return. Can they even do that? They even harass me, the wife, on my cell phone. I told them I am not the cosigner or debt holder, leave me alone! I shouldn't have to even do that!

Paulo McManus said...

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Sadia said...

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Anonymous said...

I am about 2-3 payments short of paying off my loan. I sent in a payment for December in mid-November. I just received my January Statement and see that the payment was not received. I called and the "Customer Service" person didn't want to get my money order info. She said "That's not going to help me." I have to go to the Post Office today to check the status of the money, for today is the thirty days that I had brought it. The person on the phone said that when I get the info. I have to fax that to them. Still I know that I am accuring interest on my loan with this process.
My sister paid the amount in full and saw that the payment was received online and now there's nothing claiming she paid. The "CS" person claimed she might have logged on to another site or looked up another amount. My sis told her off. She gave the exact details on when she logged on and how much interest was due because she didn't send it to the PO BOX they have for that.
This is great after six years with no problems we have to deal with this. We sent the payment on the same day. 11/21/2012

Anonymous said...

First off AES is a servicing agency, they don't own your loans. A bank does. They pay AES to service the loans, they tell AES what forbearance options you do or do not have. The CS reps can't give you what the bank doesn't offer. Read your loan papers. There is nothing in them that says you are guaranteed forbearance or deferments. Balance higher than before? Of course, because eight years ago you took out a loan and it accrued interest. They sent you notices every three months to let you know how much interest had accrued during the last three months, the notice told you if the interest was not paid it would be added to your loan, so your balance went up when you chose not to pay the interest. Now you graduated and had a grace period before you had to make payments. They sent you more notices that your grace period was ending, any outstanding interest would be added to the balance of the loan if not paid before the grace period ended. You didn't pay it so your balance went up. Now you have to pay interest on the money your borrowed and the interest it accrued and was later added to the balance. You didn't find a job, most apparently don't find jobs until they have exhausted all forbearance options, then you used all the alternate repayment schedules, so you could make minimum payments..Finally three years later you have to make full payments. The loan your supposed to payoff in 20 years now only had 15 years left to pay it off so your payment has to go up to account for it. The bill sent to you gives you a due date, the bill accounts for the amount of interest that is expected to accrue between payments and to have something come off your balance. However you choose to pay your loan ten or fifteen days late each month. That means even more interest has accrued than was expected so little or nothing comes off your balance. Want to payoff those loans? Pay the interest while in school, or as much of it as you can, might mean giving up the Cancun spring break but it's better for you. Don't use deferments or forbearances or if you do, pay the interest when you get the notice. Make your payments on time, don't let all that interest accrue. See I educated myself about my student loans, serviced by AES. I learned that if I made my payments on time and sent a little extra in with the payment I would pay the loans off faster than expected and they would cost me less. It's working, I am on track to pay them off in 12 years when I had 20 years to pay them off. I borrowed only what I needed, worked part time in college instead of taking loans to pay my every day living expenses. Went home on spring break, summer break, christmas break and every other break the school had. Unlike my friend Caitlyn, she had terrific spring breaks in Cancun, Florida, once in Italy and used student loan money to pay for them. Also had a really nice car that she used money from her student loans to pay for. At the end of our years in college she owed 62.000.00. I owed 25.000.00 and she had more financial aid then I did. She took as much as she could on her loans, I took only what I needed. I paid the interest from my part time job, sometimes my parents paid it when I couldn't. I lived at home after I graduated for five years until I finally got a job that allows me to afford rent, a better car and my payments on my student loans. Cait, bought a new car after graduating, moved into an expensive apartment and put her student loans on forbearance, than alternate repayment schedules. Now she owes another 9,000.00 more on them and she's complaining that AES won't work with her. I find it hard to sympathize with her.

Anonymous said...

Student Loans are a sham and are rigged to allow SallieMae and other related organizations to legally extort money from hard working people without limits. I went through a state run program when I couldn't find a job. The whole program was designed to steer desperate folk into taking classes at a local community college. Not working, I was forced to take out 2 loans; Tolal 7000.00. To make a long story short, IRS kept thousands of dollars in tax returns over a period of three years that was stated would go towards paying off the loans. Years later some collection agency without notice started to garnish my wages as 25% of my income. It took me a couple months to have this stopped by going through a company called Direct Student Loans who charged me over 600.00 bucks to consolidate my loans and stop the wage garnishment that had already relieved me of over 1200.00 bucks. Now Sallie Mae has agreed to refinance my loan for the original amount. Excuse me? Their records shows nothing has been paid for 25 years. All the thousands of dollars paid one can tell me where it went. They just say " just went towards interest. Can you say financial rape? The government needs to step in and hold these organization accountable. This is grossly unfair and crippling to those of us who can barely get by as it is. The stress is LITERALLY killing me and unless your wealthy enough to afford an attorney, there is no representation that can solve the matter. These organizations are completely aware that people are at their mercy.

Anonymous said...

Josh was rude and threatening. I am a disabled Veteran on a limited income. I tried to work about 13 years ago. I was unsuccessful. I stopped working and had to stay permanently disabled. Josh threatened me that he was gonna take 150 dollars out of my Disability check at the time was about 650. I was floored. He said I could make a voluntary payment of 50 dollars. I did. I told him that I was totally disabled and that I was un financial hardship. I said that I really could not afford to pay the 50 as I had to make ends meet. He told me "well you did work" I said that was years ago. I have been on disability since 1994. He said that wasnt his problem. He was gonna either take the money unwillingly or I was gonna make a voluntary 50 dollar payment. What kind of people would destroy an disability income and put some one out on the street? Heartless people. If I was making money and or got allot of disability I would be glad to pay for the loan in payments I could afford. But I do not get very much and he didn't care. I wish I could have been siting there in front of him. When I got the loan I paid extra for the insurance in case I became disabled. When I told the loan holder about me becoming disabled they said you still need to make your payments. I told them I paid extra for the insurance and they said they and no record of such insurance. They told me to prove I paid it. I was sick at the time. I was in and out of the hospital and didn't have the luxury of going to the office who held my load papers and show them the proof. Basically they reneged on the insurance. That sucked. My loan went from 7 thousand dollars to 27 thousand dollars. And growing. It has become a night mare for me. The disability form to dismiss the loan is so complicated to understand. I gave it to my Doctor and he later at another visit gave it back to me saying he didn't understand it. I basically have to hire an attorney to get the stupid thing filled out. The sad part is I was told that when they review the form for dismissal of the loan they usually deny the request for dismissal. So it makes one feel totally helpless. I guess that is what they want. I wish I never had taken out a student loan. Whats really gonna happen is people are gonna stop taking out student loans. They will see the loan companies as crooks. Predators or gangsters waiting to destroy your reputation and credit when you reach financial hard times or become disabled.

Anonymous said...

My husband returned to school in 2008. Wachovia held all of his loans, when they went under the loans were scattered. We thought we tracked down the loans to ISAC and Fed Loan. Fed loan even did a search to gather other outstanding loans and consolidated them. We found out today that we are in default to AES and ACS. Never received the first bill the first notice nothing at all from them. Only reason we found out about them is we discovered that our federal taxes were being seized. I was shocked because we are in good standing on all the loans that we have, well knew we have. There is an 800 number associated with the IRS to find out if you have any outstanding Debts that could result in seizure of your tax return so i called them got a list of companies and numbers. My husband called the one on there which was National Student Loan Offset and was told that yes they seized our taxes for 2 defaulted student loans totaling $8000.00. They would not give my husband any other information on these loans except that they were through AES and ACS. Would not give us the amount of each loan just advised him it was a total of $8000.00. When my husband asked him why we have received nothing on these 2 loans all he said was you owe $8000.00. Like i stated at the beginning of this post Fed Loan did a search and consolidated loans that they found except for the ones with ISAC which we are currently paying on. I looked over the loans that Fed Loan has and there are 2 loans that total $8000.00. One is for $5250.00 and the other for $2750.00, which leads me to believe that Fed Loan took over these loans. Has anyone had a similar problem with them trying to collect on loans that AES no longer has ownership on and if so any advice on how to retrieve the money they have seized via our federal income taxes? We are going to once again attempt to contact them to get the information on the loans they are saying are in default cause we have not received anything from them. I have also read that in order for them to seize your tax refund they have to send you notification in advance so you have an oppertunity to resolve the matter or dispute it.

Anonymous said...

I want to share some thoughts with those of you who are being terrorized by this student loan servicing firm or others like it.

NEVER believe anything their call center CSRs tell you. They typically have no idea/desire (how) to help and will fabricate data or 'facts'. The primary duty is NOT to provide customer service. They are tasked to extract money from you. They get bonuses and other perks when they succeed. Some CSRs have borderline criminal personalities and enjoy humiliating or intimidating borrowers. Some (believe it or not) are 'nice' people.

Turnover in these jobs is massive. Only a person with anti-social personality disorder enjoys berating and humiliating debtors. For many CSRs this is their first job out of college as banking and finance majors. They tell themselves, "I have my own student loan to pay. It's either me or this caller." They usually quit after a few months.

What to do?

1. Deal with them via written correspondence ONLY. (Unless you can legally record the call.) It is certain the subsequent CSR will only see a co-worker's notes contain distortions designed to make you look like a deadbeat or 'uncooperative'. If they call you, there is no law saying you must answer the phone or talk to them. It is better to ignore their call or hang up than to let them bait into making a payment you may not owe or one that is not consistent with the contract you signed.
2. If you end up on the phone with them, don't yell at or curse them. When you lose emotional control, they gain control. The reason they use demeaning and insulting language or a rude tone is to disorient you emotionally. People who are disoriented make bad decisions; like giving a CSR their bank routing number 'for this payment only'. Pretend you are dealing with a spy from the most evil nation on earth. Tell them NOTHING. Everything you say can, and will, be used to enforce collection of the alleged delinquent amount. Provide only the information required by your contract.
3. Forget threats of calling the BBB. They have absolutely no regulatory power.
4. Forget threats to call your representative in congress. They could care less. Congress gave these guys almost unlimited power and made student loans almost bulletproof. How much money did you give to your representative's campaign? How many hours per month do you stand in his/her office to remind him/her of your 'generosity'?
5. Keep meticulous records. Keep organized! It is very important to keep evidence of bad faith statements made by a CSR.
6. Most important, remember that you are a good person. From what I've read, virtually all of you WANT to pay. Demeaning comments from a CSR are designed to psychologically destabilize you. They know that no person is 100% 'responsible' and that even a mild hint that you 'spend poorly', 'are not working hard enough', or 'should go without' will have at least an iota of truth to upset you. Make every attempt to distance yourself emotionally from the issues. That's easier said than done. But you are up to the task.
7. Spread the word. Write to the financial aid office at your school and inform them of how you are being mistreated and who is doing the mistreating. Be specific and be humble. It is not in the interest of a college to have graduates or former students telling prospective students that they are being abused by student loan firms used (or even recommended) by the college or university.
8. Don't be ashamed of your situation to the point you will not tell others about the mistreatment or seek help. Everyone stumbles and stumbling does not make you 'bad', no matter what the CSR tells you.
9. If your student loan circumstances are causing major depression, GET HELP NOW. Seek out a physician, clergy, or a trusted friend.

Good luck to all of you.

Anonymous said...

I rec'd delinquent notice Mar 2013 from AES that I am two months behind on my loan! Who is AES? Turns out ACS-ED sold my loan & never notified me but took my automatic payment.

Also, I have no idea what my balance was before AES took over without notice.

AES said I have to get proof from ACS-ED that payments were made.

I can't tell you how angry I am. I am angry that OBAMA is allowing this to happen.

Anonymous said...

AES acknowledges that they never contacted me about repayment of a student loan. Yet, I am now receiving harassing phone calls demanding that I make back payments for a loan I had no way of knowing about. I am not telepathic. AES refuses to start a payment plan from an origination point. This company must be stopped.

Alex Standt said...

This article was awesome!! Thank you. Being fairly new to the credit and student loan arena I am constantly trying to gather as much information as possible to try and keep myself headed in the right general direction. Spending some time on this post has actually given me a lot of great points to think about. In my recent research I have also been able to find some pretty useful information related to this topic when I Googled the credit locker university. This was helpful as well. Thanks again!

Alex Standt said...

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Student loan help said...

Don't be chagrined of your scenario to the focus you won't educate others concerning the abuse or look for assistance. Every living soul stumbles and stumbling does not make you 'bad', regardless of what the Csr lets you know.

peter watson said...

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Anonymous said...

I was able to pay a company, University of 1, to get my loans moved to William D Ford Direct Loans and away from AES. AES was a nightmare. But be warned...Uof1 promises to get your interest rate reduced and fees removed, this did not happen, in fact, AES added $7000 in fees to my loan as punishment for moving my defaulted and unaffordable loans. They also called and told me I would never be allowed to move the loans and demanded payment in full while telling me that they will own me for the rest of my life and refused to stop calling and told me I had no right to legal representation (University of 1. So far I have been able to get IBR payments that are outrageously high since the loan had almost doubled in size under AES $20000 to $38800. I tried to request reasonable payments to rehab the loan while it was with AES repeatedly and repeatedly they refused to negotiate with me on what that would be and wanted me to pay a large payment while also being garnished. I am discovering now that they are required to negotiate with me on this payment so that it is "reasonable and affordable" and does not have to be an amount they demand but that the way the collection rules are the more they can get you to pay the more they get paid by the government so it is against the rules to not negotiate the payment but, they are rewarded when they collect a large sum. Had I been offered rehab correctly I would have had fees removed and bad credit marks removed I find this unacceptable. But then again maybe everyone should see who is on their Board of Directors that explains a lot about their behavior. I am going to visit with an attorney before my statute of limitations is up. Even though they did not do what they promised, it was worth the fee to get away from AES, they have to be the worst kind of criminals that exist, government sanctioned.

Anonymous said...

This company is a bogus loan shark that takes government loans and turns them into credit card loans. The amount of money AES adds, even when it is supposed to wait for EdSouth borrowers to pay (their system is screwed up right now), shows they will put usury charges in place. This is criminal. I wish we could all just get together and REFUSE to pay. I signed for a student loan, not to get screwed. WHY THE HELL IS THE GOVERNMENT BACKING THIS COMPANY AND ITS ACTIONS?????

Anonymous said...

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hockeynut1908 said...

I just want to say that aes is not the lender of your loans that you agreed to pay back. Maybe all of you complainers on here need to READ your master promissary note that YOU signed when You agreed to repay these loans. All I se on here is how your being ripped off, well interest accures daily on student loans which again if you would have read your promissary note, you would have known this and also to what your interest rate is. You went to school and received an education and now its time to pony up. Everyone says "I cant afford that payment",well you were not saying that when you cashed that check now were ya???Options are limited due to if you were given umlimited forbearance and deferment options no one would ever pay due to a "hardship". I have student loans and I understand how they work. So next time you call aes realize you went to school, and dont blame us for your problems. READ YOUR PROMISSARY NOTE!!!!

Asya D.R. said...

I had AES as well and I wish I knew what I was getting into from the beginning with these guys! when I got out of college, I didn't have to pay on my loans for the first 6 months. When that ended, AES said that I have to pay the full payment amounts which is around 100.00 per month. Now that doesn't seem like to some, but to me, that is money I don't have, or money that could be food for me, or my car bill, or my rent.

Now, When that happened I told them that I can't pay that much. Especially at the time I was working 20 hour weeks and making nothing. So they lowered my payments for only two years to about 44 a month. That I could handle and I was NEVER late or delinquent with them.

NOW, a few months ago, those two years ended. I had made my 44 dollar payment that month and about two weeks later I got a call saying that my account was delinquent and I owed 96 something dollars. I said, "How is that possible? I made my payment this month!"
They told me, "You reduced payments ended."
I asked them again what the amount was and they told me 96 dollars and some-odd change. I simply replied,
"I can't make payments like that. We'll have to do something like a forbearance or lowered payments again.
The rep said, "Sorry, we can't do that. You have to make payments in full."
"You're a government company. Isn't it illegal to not help your loan borrowers make their payments when they are having trouble?"
The rep was silent, then said, "You can get a 2 month forbearance, but ONLY EVERY MONTHS."

I was swearing and the rep. I was livid! How can that be?

The rep had nothing more to say and I told him,
"Well, I can't make those payments" and that was the end of the conversation.

About ONE OR TWO WEEKS LATER, I got a letter in the mail saying that I was placed in collections and my amount owed WAS TWICE THE SINGLE PAYMENT AMOUNT and it was only ONE OR TWO WEEKS PASSED DUE!!!!!

I was more then livid now!!
How could my amount already be OVER 200.00 when it went passed due only a week or two ago?????!!!!

I am still delinquent with them now, but I had been making payments (when I can) TWICE A MONTH and am STILL in collections!!!!!

They will NOT HELP ME, except for the 2 month forbearance once a year! And that DOES NOT HELP!

They have told me before to borrow money from someone and even told me to get a loan from my bank for them! I told them they were F**king crazy!

But there is nothing I can do and now my life is going to be destroyed because of them and they don't care!


Queen Elizabeth said...

HELP! I am in the same boat!! I have tried for 3 days to get help. Now they are threatening me to push me into default. How can I resolve this WITHOUT AES? Who can I go to??

Queen Elizabeth said...

HELP!! I am in the same boat!! My loans are due and I have spent DAYS on the phone and on the internet trying to resolve this. NOW they are actually threatening me to push me into default?!
Who can I go to? How can I resolve this WITHOUT AES??

Anonymous said...

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